Mahtab Hussain
You Get Me?

British-born artist Mahtab Hussain is heavily influenced by multiculturalism and cultural diversity. His work centers on issues of identity and displacement. You Get Me? focuses on the changing identity of young, working-class South Asian men in contemporary Britain. With a burgeoning population of 2.7 million, Muslims have been an integral part of the UK since the 1950s. Nevertheless, an increasing number—particularly young men—often feel like outsiders. They experience high unemployment rates, discrimination in the workplace and racism on the street as they equally struggle to develop a sense of self. Yet these men strongly identify with England and have a strong sense of Britishness.

Photographed over a six-year period, each of the images from Hussain’s You Get Me? is a visual impression of contemporary Britain. His photograph, Friends, curry sauce n’ chips, is a powerful statement to camaraderie. Two men eat silently, side-by-side, sharing a meal of burgers and chips. One of the men wears a shalwar kameez, a Pakistani traditional dress, with his red, rolled-up jeans and trainers, while the other is simply wearing blue jeans, a maroon vest and a hoodie. But it may be the men’s implicit sense of agency that Hussain’s photograph celebrates.

Mahtab Hussain (b. 1981) is a British artist, who has been recipient of numerous awards and commissions including, Arts Council England; British Council, Arts Humanities Research Council (AHRC), Multistory. He was also the winner of the Curators Choice Award, Culture Cloud at New Art Exchange, Nottingham and of Format 13 Portfolio Review Award for most significant review. Hussain earned his B.A. from Goldsmith College, University of London, two M.As from City University London and Nottingham Trent University and is expecting to earn a PhD in Photography from the latter university.


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