Thomas Demand
Nationalgalerie (English edition)

Thomas Demand's work lures the viewer into a reality that is not what it appears to be. His images present scenes of political and social events, which the artist recreates out of paper and cardboard, in a scale that is true to the original size of the setting. Demand then photographs these sculptures, creating images in which specific traces of the events and the protagonists are removed, leaving possible evidence of a crime scene, one which appears familiar but yet out of reach.

The exhibition and book Nationalgalerie brings together Demand's work of the last 15 years which is rooted in German imagery. Demand examines the 'Deutschlandbild', the 'German image' in photographs from a variety of scenarios in the post-war period. From a selection both known and new of key images of decisive political events and private moments Demand offers a kaleidoscopic vision of a society.


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Captions by Botho Strauß
Essay by Mark Godfrey
Design by Thomas Demand, Michael Mack and Joby Ellis
38 six page gatefolds, with 39 colour plates

Published by SteidlMACK

29.5 cm x 27.7 cm
Clothbound hardcover

Publication date: October 2009

€240.00 £200.00 $260.00

ISBN 9783865219411

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